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Welcome to my 'Piss-Boy' web site. My name is Trent, I'm a straight college student from Virginia.

My interest in piss, and particulary guys pissing started early, I'd been out to a local park and had been hanging around the bathrooms. I suppose I was kinda trying to get my dick sucked, or at least jack off watching someone else. Anyway I'd been in this fucking small dirty cubicle for a while, mainly reading all the crap other guys had written, slowly stroking my cock - Occasionally a guy would come in, stand at the urinal and take a piss. From where I was sitting, I could look through a small hole in the wall, just by the toilet-paper holder, and see everything. Sometimes they would be so damn close that their sneakers would be almost under my wall, That was always so fucking hot!

That's when the real fun started, I'm sure some of the guys could tell they were being watched, They would stand so that I got a full eyefull, watching as they undid their jeans pushed down their boxers or briefs (white briefs are my favs - Coz you can see piss stains in them LOL) and pull their dicks out, I'd then wait, holding my breath in case they heard me, for the first dribbles of hot piss. Sometimes it would gush out and streams of hot piss would shoot and splash into the urinal and onto the floor. Even the smell in the stall would turn me on (and still does), that fresh block they use, mixed with the smell of warm pee is fucking awesome!

Why Guys Pissing, if you're straight? - Not sure, but girls pissing does nothing for me...I know I'm straight, but I don't mind my cock being sucked by guys, in fact it turns me on more when guys do it coz they know I'm straight and can't do anything else with me. LOL but there's something about watching hot streams of piss coming from a guy that gets me hard EVERY time. I even get hard when I'm pissing at the stalls, even harder if there's some guy in there who takes a quick look at my dick!

On my site I have put loads of pics of me pissing, some really close up shots where you can see the last drip of piss before I catch it in my briefs to get them slightly wet :) after a day or two you get that nice yellow stain in them and the aroma really gets goin', I take them off after college and sniff them while I piss - Wiping the last few drops into them - Then sniff the fuck out of them lying on my bed and jacking off! I've put a pic of my nastiest underwear up here too, but hey - Don't ask me to send them to ya coz, its illegal in the USA. (Some girl got busted for it a while back)

Ok I'm gonna put a pic of me here and a pic of my favorite nasty briefs :)

These pics were taken in November and I'll be adding more whenever I get the chance, which will be quite often seeing as it's become my main hobby! Also, I'm also going to add a 'pissload' of my favorite guys pissing pics and if I get a guy to piss with
(or on...LOL) that will let me photograph it, I'll post those too!

Enjoy the pics and feel free to send me yours too - I can't post them but I can sure jack-off with them!
Hot Guys into Golden showers Rock!

Love Trent at Piss-Boy.com

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hassle so if your ain't 18 or think you'll be offended by the nature of this site -
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